Pastor Jeff Deane


Hi! I’m Pastor Jeff and this is my story (well the short version, that is!)

I came to faith in Jesus when I was 21 years old (1982) and have sought to serve Him ever since. Growing up in the 60’s and 70’s and without any real faith in God caused me to make many poor moral decisions. From the beginning of my teenage years I found myself enslaved to the drug culture and on the fast track to a very empty and aimless life.When a member of my Heavy Metal band wanted to dabble in Satanism so we could finally “make it big”, it sparked a wake-up call in me and, for the first, time I began to seriously question the meaning of life. In an unsuspecting, and even comical twist, both this fellow band member and myself came to trust Jesus as our Rescuer and Lord. He showed Himself strong to free me from my addiction and since then I have walked each day seeking to “walk worthy of the call by which I was called”.Through the desire to serve Jesus and a sense of His calling in 1993 we launched out and began this church, which I have had the privilege to be a pastor of ever since.

I am a pastor by calling but I am a carpenter by trade and since January 1, 2000 I have primarily supported my incredible wife and our six amazing (and now, mostly

grown) kids through my own business.This has challenged my ministry in that it has at times limited my time to serve in it, but it has also been a blessing in other ways such as being able to personally provide much of the construction work as well as help financially for the crazy church building project God has blessed us with!

Back in 2001 we embarked on a huge journey as we stepped out in faith to purchase our old run-down bowling alley. It has been an incredible path as we have since had to PRAY, step out in faith, trust, battle, PRAY, plan, demolish, PRAY, build, work, PRAY some more and, now, keep on PRAYing! But it has been all for the glory of our Great God.We now enjoy a facility that has been 50% radically transformed into a place of worship and service to the Lord. (We strongly desire to finish the other 50% soon, so that is one reason why we need to keep on praying!)

There have been many challenges and transitions in our church over the years, but God has shown Himself faithful every time no matter what our circumstances. Our plan is to continue to “seek first the kingdom of God” as we let Him lead us to minister in whatever way He would have us to go.

It is our prayer that if you are looking for a church to call home you can find it here.We are by no means a perfect church, but who knows, we may just get a little closer to being one if you decide to join us in our journey!

Thanks for reading and we pray you enjoy the presence of God in your life. May you know His great love and perfect will for your life.

– Pastor Jeff